Friday Food For Your Brain #4

Vista Bridge, Portland OR 2013

Vista Bridge, Portland OR 2013

Another week, eh? Congratulate me, I finished all my finals and made it out without getting ill! This post is a bit late, I apologize. Next week I’ll get back to posting original content, but in the meantime, this is what I’ve been reading this week.

Want to Learn How to Think? Read Fiction! Interesting read.

“I think that you should go into an MFA program when you’re solid in your identity as a writer and you’re going because you want to learn more and because you want that community of peers and mentors, not because you want to convince yourself you are a writer.” This piece by Guernica has some good insights for writers.

The Paris Review turned me onto an artist who paints on old books, and wow. Take a look!

Caleb Cole’sOdd One Out” speaks for itself. I’ve been on a photography viewing kick lately and I’ve been coming across some really neat stuff.

Austin Kleon answered a question about going back to school that I found particularly good.

See you next week,



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